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Our Yoga Plan

A wide variety of yoga classes is tailor-made for you. No matter what type of yoga you practise, you can find something suitable for daily Yoga.

Focus on

Being Happy

Those who stick with regular yoga practice report themselves to be happier and healthier. Studies like this one show that yoga reduces fatigue, anxiety, and anger.


Anubhuti Plan

Anubhuti means to feel (an experience) is suitable for people who need to practice yoga for their particular need but they only can spare one hour a day.


Sankalp Plan

Sankalp means Resolution, Resolution to adopt yoga as a daily routine in individual life to reap the health benefits.

Plan for every need

Check out more Yoga plans for your every need. we offer a variety of yoga and meditation programs for every level.

Yoga Jigyanshu Plan

Jigyasu mean Curious, suitable for person who wants to know yoga but there is no prior experience and not sure if they can continue there practice.

Trial for 2 weeks in ₹999/-


It is six types of cleansing techniques in yoga which helps to detox our system from nose to anus. Good for rejuvenation. Weight loss. Diabetic. Over come depression and mental stress. Sinusitis, Migraine. Asthma, Eye problems. And many more.

Private Class & Drop In

Private Class is organised for individuals and a small group for special need mainly to learn specific techniques for therapeutic and health management.
Drop In class means attending a class without any membership plan. 300/ per class.

For Private session 800/ per 60 minutes for a single person.

Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self

-- The Bhagavad Gita

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a Question?

Everything you need to know if you’re new to the practice of yoga.

Yoga should be practiced in empty stomach. If you had food, wait for at least three hours before practicing.

Relax for 10 Seconds at least after each Yoga Exercise.

Avoid excessive intake of Tea or Coffee when you are practicing Yoga.

First begin with easy poses and there after you can advance to the tough ones.

Women should not practice Yoga during Menstruation.

Morning is the best time to prepare for Yoga and it is always better to practice Yoga where there is abundant clean air.