A Simple Padmasana (Lotus) Pose Can Do Wonders For your Mind & Body

You may have seen Buddha statute in a very symbolic posture – Lotus pose. It is also known as the Padma-asana. It literally means sitting in a lotus pose with erect spine and crossed legs. Often when you are meditating and doing yoga like Pranayama, this pose is used. It is mostly associated with meditation and concentration.

This beautiful pose is one of the most important aspect of yoga. Don’t be fooled by the simple pose as it has many amazing benefits. Just sitting in this position can help you in many ways. You will be surprised to know that not many people can sit in the Padmasana for long.

Lotus pose can help you meditate better, focus and awaken your Kundalini. They are the energy points in the body that control our emotions and state of mind. This simple and serene pose can help you many ways.

How to Sit in Padmasana?

Before you know the amazing benefits of the Lotus Pose, first learn how to sit in this position. Sit on the floor with your legs stretched out in the front. Now bend the right knee to bring lower leg in a cradle position. Now do the same with the left leg. Make sure that the outer side of the foot is just touching the crook of your elbows: right foot, left elbow and left foot, right elbow.

Stretch your spine to sit upright. Make sure that you do it as per your convenience. Don’t over exert yourself. Consult your doctor before doing it if you have issues like back or spine issues.

The palm should be open and resting on top of the knees. Touch your thumb with the index finger and leave the rest of fingers stretched out. Close your eyes and sit in this position as long as you can.

Come back to the sitting position with starched leg and try some more. Practice everyday to master the position. Go with the pace you are comfortable with. Don’t rush and practice every day.

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The Benefits of Padmasana

Now to the part where you will know why the Lotus pose so important in Yoga. There are many benefits of Padmasana or the Lotus pose. Here are is how the Lotus Pose can help you in so many amazing ways:

  1. Help in Meditation

The most popular benefit of this pose is of course the meditation part. This pose is the ultimate pose for meditation. It can help improve focus and concentration when you are meditating. There is a reason why people use this pose to meditate just like the Buddha did. He famously meditated in this pose and got enlightenment.

This simple pose can help sync your mind and body and help you meditate in more efficient way. When you mediate in this position, you prepare your body and mind to meditate.

  • Flexes your Hips

Your hips are totally engaged in this position. It helps open the hips muscles and helps release any tension. This pose can help you reduce stress, tension, tightness, negativity and other things. This pose can also help you relax and improve flexibility. As you know this pose is deigned for meditation which can help bring calmness and stability in your mind. As you get into the pose, you will realize how effective it is.

  • Improve your Spine Health

One of the key benefits of the Padmasana is that it helps improve your spine health. When you have a strong spine, you will also have improved posture. Sitting tall in upright position in the Lotus Pose stretches your spine. This helps in maintaining the natural curve of the spine that is “S” position. This also has many health benefits. healthy spine means no back issues. This is not a stressful yoga pose when you do it correctly. Make sure that you learn yoga from an expert so that you can safely do each of the pose. Join a Health and Wellness Centre in Patna to learn yoga in its purest form.

  • Calm your Mind and Regulate your Thoughts

The Lotus Pose is a meditation pose and it helps calm the mind in an effective way. This pose can help you relax the mind and thoughts. It prepares the body for a deep meditation state so that you can mediate without any disruption. If you have stress, anxiety or depression, this pose can help you calm the mind. You can also take the help of the meditation to bring peace and stillness in your mind. This is one of the reasons why Padmasan is known as the ultimate pose for yoga and meditation.

  • Destroyer of the Disease

Padmasan is also known as the destroyer of the disease. Why? Because, the pose helps align the body in a such a way that the various parts and organs of the body can benefit. It can help improve the human system by stimulating the lymphatic nodes, acupuncture points, organs and other parts. When your body is aligned, your body parts and organs will work more efficiently. This will improve your strength, immunity and ability to fight diseases.

The Bottomline

The Padmasana is one of the most effective yoga pose that can help improve the posture, body function, help in meditation, concentration and focus. You can benefit in many ways and improve your health too.

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