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    We care for our new students and make their introduction to our studio smooth, simple and hassle-free.

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    A balanced mind

    Make yoga a part of your life and see how it enriches your mind, body and spirit. A wide range of classes to get healthier, fitter and better spiritually.

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    Learn yoga to get healthier and improve your immune system to stay stronger during this difficult time. Yoga is an effective method for staying healthy and strong.

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Clear Mind & Body

Your one-stop destination for finding the best yoga classes. Here you will be learning yoga in its purest form. Our yoga classes in Patna are designed to provide complete yoga solutions. Learn the meaning of yoga, its importance in life and apply it to reap the amazing benefits it has to offer.

Welcome To Mind O Body Yoga Studio

Benefits of Yoga

Looking for reasons to try yoga? From increased strength to flexibility to heart health, the 5 benefits to getting on your mat.

Yoga Chakra - 1 - Benefits of Yoga

Yoga heals your Mind & Body

Yoga Chakra - 02 - Benefits of Yoga

Yoga Gives you a Healthy & Slim Body

Yoga Chakra - 02 - Benefits of Yoga

Do Yoga for a Stress Free life

Yoga Chakra - 04 - Benefits of Yoga

Yoga for a Fit & Flexible Body

Yoga Chakra - 05 - Benefits of Yoga

Yoga for a Healthy Lifestyle

About Our Studio

Health and Wellness Centre in Patna

Mind O Body Yoga is a health and wellness centre in Patna that offers a wide range of yoga classes from beginners to advanced learners. Our health centre is located in a serene location that provides the perfect environment for learning yoga.


Many Styles

20+ Styles of Yoga Workout and Mediatation that suit everyone

Pro Instructors

Professional Yoga Instructors from around the world

Quality Content

All Our Classes are Well Planned by Professional Yoga Instructors

Pillars of Yoga

Pillars of Yoga

Pillars of yoga not only have powerful meaning within your practice but also in your entire life. They can all be applied to everyday living.

Mind Body

Mind Body

Mind Body

Mind Body

Mind Body


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Treat your soul with care. It is your bosom friend. Feed and nurture with love.